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pdf export all pages emtpy

5 years 7 months ago #62666 by Robs

I have a problem with the pdf export. The export always results in several empty pages.

I have already increased server memory to 128 mb. So this should not be the problem. Any suggustions for troubleshooting this issue?

I've installed Version 1.91+ Build 10232

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5 years 7 months ago #63285 by jelo
Limesurvey is using the tcpdf class ( ) to generate and export pdfdocuments. Build 10377 is using tcpdf 5.9.011.

You might check the forum at for threads about problems with certain browsers etc.

First check the export with different browser and different pdf viewers. Always blank?

Another reason why no text is shown can be corrupted fontfiles.
You find them under /admin/classes/tcpdf/fonts.

Best thing would be to update to the newest version via comfortupdate and try to export results again.
If still buggy than reupload the tcpdf/fonts from the newest limesurvey release to see if the fonts are the reason.

Good luck.

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