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An error occurred saving a response to survey...

5 years 8 months ago #61491 by ogrubbs
Hello, I have installed LS Version 1.91 Build 10030 (Windows 2003, IIS6, MSSQL) to evaluate as a replacement for our current survey software. Everything looks good. I created a test survey whose last question is a file upload. However, when taking the survey, I get an error message sent to me (as the LS admin), containing the following info:

UPDATE lime_survey_46549 SET lastpage = '2', submitdate = '2011-05-26', [46549X5X29] = '1977-04-04',[46549X5X30] = '4',[46549X5X31SQ001] = 'A2',[46549X5X31SQ002] = 'A2',[46549X5X31SQ003] = 'A3',[46549X5X35SQ001] = '5',[46549X5X35SQ002] = '5',[46549X5X35SQ003] = '5',[46549X5X35SQ004] = '5',[46549X5X35SQ005] = '5',[46549X5X35SQ006] = '5',[46549X5X35SQ007] = '5',[46549X5X35SQ008] = '5',[46549X5X35SQ009] = '10',[46549X5X35SQ010] = '5',[46549X5X46] = '',[46549X5X46_filecount] = '/' WHERE id=7

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '/' to data type tinyint.

Is there something I missed in the survey config or in setup?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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5 years 7 months ago #63482 by ogrubbs
In case anyone is interested, I downloaded the 1.91+ Build 10494 yesterday, and the file upload problem went away. Thanks!

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