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need help with Active Directory authentication

5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #59869 by Squeezer
I'm new to limesurvey and attempted to follow the LDAP instructions at . I'm setting up limesurvey to authenticate against our Active Directory infrastructure. I've added

$enableLdap = true;

to the end of config.php. In config-LDAP.php I have:

$enableLdap = true;
$LDAP_server[$serverId] = "";
$LDAP_server[$serverId] = "389";
$LDAP_server[$serverId] = "ldapv2";
$LDAP_server[$serverId] = "none";
$LDAP_server[$serverId] = false;
$LDAP_server[$serverId] = 'utf-8';
$LDAP_server[$serverId] = "AD\\xxxxxxxx";
$LDAP_server[$serverId] = "xxxxxxxx";
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = 0;
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = 'Staff with an enabled account';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = 'ou=Users,dc=ad,dc=xxxxxxxx,dc=xxx';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = '(&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=user)(!(userAccountControl=514)))';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = 'sub';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = 'givenname';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = 'sn';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = 'mail';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = ''; // Leave empty for Auto Token generation bu phpsv
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = '';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = '';
$LDAP_queries[$query_id] = '';


When I go to http://server/limesurvey/admin and attempt to login with a user that has an Active Directory username/password I get the error "Incorrect username and/or password!" I can login as the local administrator I created on initial setup that is stored in MySQL. Am I doing something wrong with repsect to the AD authentication? What are my next steps? Am I supposed to import the AD users somehow?
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