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Cannot activate or show new surveys

6 years 3 days ago - 6 years 3 days ago #57320 by willyx
Hi, i've a problem from a long time...i've a very big survey (and it uses the random function to show only some questions) and works in preview, but if i try to activate it after the welcome page i get a cookie error.
U can test it here:
ISN'T a BROSWER problem. I've tryed all pc/broswer. The survey was ok until was little, but now locks all.
I've tryed to build a second survey with one question, but same problem and however isn't show in the list of public surveys (bug)
In the attachment i've the export file of my survey, please can someone help me?
My problem is here from the RC1:( (rc4 installed now)
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6 years 3 days ago #57331 by Mazi
Probably a session problem. Check if the session.save_path set in php.ini of your server exists and is writeable.

You can also try to enable debug mode by adding the following line to your config.php file:
$debug = '1';

Are there any additional errors reported on top of the page?

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5 years 11 months ago #57695 by willyx
I've tryed to install all in a new server at (but same provider, and then create a new survey with 1 question. Same problem. The fault isn't of the original big survey.

session.save_path is /tmp /tmp

I've set permission on the tmp at 777 ( )
No luck...any help?

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