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Activating Survey using Remote Control

6 years 3 days ago - 6 years 3 days ago #57140 by ajpaduko
I am using LimeSurvey v1.90+. I have a web application built in python and I want to communicate with LimeSurvey using the very useful LSRC module. However I realize that it does not work properly. I need only 2 methods - the insert token and the activate survey. I think there is a problem in the Activate Survey web service call. And I realize you are planning to fix it for 1.92. But I cannot wait. Is there a hack or a workaround by which I can get it running? I read in one other thread that it works fine in v1.85. Do you suggest I go with version 1.85? Or at least can I have some insight into what is causing the problem so that I can try to fix it.
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6 years 2 days ago #57174 by elameno
Hello ajpaduko!
It is true that LSRC is in disrepair at the moment. We are working to get it back into a stable state, but the endeavor is requiring some significant code refactoring so it may be some time before it's back to tip-top shape. Until then I'd recommend using Lime version 1.86 on a server running PHP 5.2 if you need to use LSRC.

If you are willing to try the release candidates then the activate survey LSRC call should be working properly in 1.91 RC4 as well.

The cause of the problems are mainly that we have a lot of code duplication between the main Lime Survey functions and LSRC and have failed to keep them synchronized. We are in the process of isolating common code into functions and making both Lime Survey and LSRC utilize the same code base.


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