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6 years 2 weeks ago #56511 by HIV7

I've now set up a Survey and my mentor wants me to test it for about one week and about 50 people. Unfortunately I don't know what this means to my "real" survey afterwards.

My plan in detail is:

  1. Export the Survey as .lss data for a backup
  2. Back Up the database
  3. Activate the survey (for one week) and do the pretest
  4. After the pretest we check the data and the feedback a . s. o.
  5. Delete the activated survey and replace the database
  6. Restore the .lss and the database
  7. Activate the survey for my project

So, is this the right way to do this?

How are the survey and the datbase linked? Do I really need export the .lss file, or is the database enough?

Or there a more simply way to get the database truncated and to deacivate a survey for adjusting and then activate it again?

I would be very delighted to get some information about this.

THX in advance,

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6 years 2 weeks ago #56531 by DenisChenu

You can activate the survey, do the test, deactivate survey , do the modification.

And then reactivate the survey : answer table are empty.

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