Answers are not getting saved (Lime 4)

4 weeks 1 day ago - 4 weeks 1 day ago #192894 by zserban

I have upgraded from Limesurvery 3 to beta 4 RC 13 by comfort updated and started testing the new things. But quite fast I encountered issues with some of the questions of the existing surveys.

At first, I noticed that the questions' answers are no longer displayed in the intended order. I use number codes for both sub-questions and answers, and, usually, 'never' is coded with '0'. To fix it, I tried to delete the answers and renter them, but, even though it looks like it worked, after a refresh, I have 2 sets of the same answers that are not even displayed in the correct order :)

To try to fix it, I have manually updated to beta 4 RC 14, and then by comfort to lime 4 stable. But the issue is not gone.


I have also attached the survey.

Btw, I cannot delete the first question (i get an invalid id error, when I try to delete it from the editor, or a message about having a condition on the list questions).

Other details:

- Php 7.3.11
- Apache 2 (20120211)
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4 weeks 1 day ago #192901 by tpartner
Regarding the problem with answers using numeric codes this is a reported bug - .

Regarding the second problem, are any other questions in the survey shown conditionally based on answers in the question you are trying to delete? If not, please file a bug report.

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3 weeks 6 days ago #192983 by cdorin
Hey there!

Report all the issues in the bugs tracker (mention also the steps you need to take to reproduce) and please use the latest version which is 4.0.1 . We will push fixes often from now on to LS 4.

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