Random internal server error

7 months 2 weeks ago - 7 months 2 weeks ago #173538 by Matadeleo
Hi, I've been using an install of LimeSurvey Version 3.8.0+180522 for a few months now, and a couple of times I've had an issue where I have been unable to edit any of the general settings - receiving the error below:

POST ../index.php/admin/database/index/updatesurveylocalesettings_generalsettings
500 (Internal Server Error)

This seems to be survey specific, as my other surveys can be edited fine. The issue seemingly appeared at random.

Exporting the survey with the issue, then importing it as a new survey also fixes the issue.

Anyone got any ideas how to solve this? I have projects running on this server preventing me from updating it at the moment.
Last edit: 7 months 2 weeks ago by Matadeleo.

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