Arrays and check boxes

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danika created the topic: Arrays and check boxes
LS is a handy piece of work, to be certain. But, there are certain situations in surveys where I wish there were some additional design flexibility. One such situation is with arrays. Several types of these questions use radio buttons. The limitation of this is that you can only select one radio button per row, and selection by column is not permitted. Once any radio button in the row has been selected, trying to select the same subquestion in a different column is not possible without changing your first selection.

One possible solution is to allow an attribute where check boxes instead of radio buttons can be used on the array-type question. Selecting all that apply then can be applied by column rather than row.

Another hopefully useful suggestion concerns multiple short texts. Currently, only one vertical column is allowed, and there is no attribute option to add additional columns in this question type. The result is there is a good deal of empty space to the right (in ltr languages) of the question, which could otherwise be used to condense repeat questions and avoid having to stack them vertically, easily consuming a page in the process.

Having first used LS about two years ago, I can say that 2.05 has seen a lot of improvement in design flexibility since then. Kudos to the developers for an awesome job on that. I look forward to future releases, and hope that in some way you find these suggestions helpful.


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