Survey List / Predefined Labelsets List

3 years 2 months ago #104171 by eloner
1. List of the surveys in the system. Displaying the list of surveys in the system I note that only the name of the survey is shown.
I used the program for didactical purpose and I asked my student (with "create survey" and "manage label sets" priviledge) to create and save a survey as "Survey 1".
By showing the surveys as LimeSurvey admin I get this result:

Iw would be nice to have in the list the name of the survey and also the name of the owner/creator.

2. I had a similar problem also when I asked my students to save as labelsets the answer options... It is not possible to save two labels sets with the same name. Indeed, it has no meaning, but for didactical purposes it is correct to ask the students to save the labelset with the same name I used in the class.
A possible solution would be to have "local" and "global" labelsets to separate labelsets visible to all the users to those visible only to the creator.

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3 years 1 month ago #105688 by eloner
As regard as the managemetn of Predefined label set it would be nice to have the possibility to list the sets and delete them in two steps:

1 - first mark the labelsets for deletion
2 - delete the sets selected "just in one clik"

I think it would mean the creation of a new utility called "Labelsets Management" or something like that ... I realize it's just a work of perseverance (and maybe this problem is just mine), but this would be time sparing. I teach LimeSurvey to the students of my university and after asking them to save a set of label (they save the same set with 20-25 different names) I have to go back to manually delete the sets one-by-one to prepare the system for a new class.

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