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When can use the Web Service sGetResult?

6 years 1 day ago #55158 by liuce
I see the new web service sGetResult below. When can use it?


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6 years 12 hours ago #55218 by Mazi
This is part of the Limesurvey webservice ("LSRC") which is currently being overworked. It should be working at the 1.92 versio which will be released in some weeks/months.
Meanwhile you can get the latest version from our SVN for testing.

Best regards/Beste Grüße,
Dr. Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)
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6 years 10 hours ago #55238 by elameno
Hi liuce,
If you would like to play with the sGetResults web service prior to the 1.92 release then you can grab the latest code from the subversion limesurvey_dev branch.

Specifically, the files that were worked on to add this feature are:
- admin/exportresults.php
- admin/exportresults_objects.php
- admin/remotecontrol/lsrc.server.php
- admin/remotecontrol/lsrc_orig.wsdl

The sGetResults function supports CSV output. I will try to get some documentation up on the wiki this week although life circumstances might get in the way of that :)

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