Enumerate each [Questions] and [Question Group] in all Admin screen components

3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #121033 by kmanapp
It is not uncommon that a survey contains numerous [Question Groups] and [Questions]. In such case, maintaining huge amount of Question/Question Group items could be very repetitious and tedious that prone to produce human error.

So, it is suggested that if the LimeSurvey system can automatically enumerate each items, it could help reducing human error and quite helpful to Survey Admin in identifying and specifying particular target items during their administrative tasks.

For example in the Admin screen, on the right-hand side, there are various select-option boxes for [Surveys], [Question groups] and [Question]. If the text shown on those select-option boxes are enumerated (with leading ZEROs) accordingly with their natural appearance sequence (i.e. their respective "Qcode.qseq" ) and/or their ID, and with meaningful/informative/descriptive onMouseHover tooltip, it will be very helpful to Survey Admin in their administrative tasks.

For another example in the [Reorder Question Groups/Question] screen, enumeration would be quite helpful for Survey Admin to immediately spot out the target items immediately too.

I think LimeSurvey can consider to have a overhaul re-design so that such automatic enumeration mechanism permeates each components throughout the entire Admin front-end interfaces.

Below are the screenshots of suggestions highlighted in red:

[Question Groups] select-option box:

Attachment LimeSurvey_Demo_Clicked-to-unfold-the-Question-Groups-selectOption-box.png not found

[Question] select-option box:

Attachment LimeSurvey_Demo_Clicked-to-unfold-the-Question-selectOption-box.png not found

[Reorder Question Groups / Question] screen:
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