Hiding custom question wrapper element

3 years 2 months ago #115413 by pvdemael
pvdemael created the topic: Hiding custom question wrapper element
Hi all,

I use multiple questions types in a matrix using a slightly modified version of some javascript found at www.limesurvey.org/nl/forum/can-i-do-thi...uestion-types#101946
In this code, all subquestions are wrapped in the inlineOuterWrapper div and subdivided in rows and columns.
But now I have a problem regarding conditional views of these questions.
The subquestions in the matrix are default hidden and are only displayed when a checkbox is checked on.

The problem is that I still can see an inlineOuterWrapper div element. This is visually disturbing and I also want to hide the div if the subquestions are hidden.

Does one of you have a suggestion to do that?

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