Google Maps with Search Function

3 years 2 months ago #111400 by AudioMan612
AudioMan612 created the topic: Google Maps with Search Function

I posted this in the Can LimeSurvey do This section, but I realized that this might be a better place (that said, sorry for the repost).

I would like a way to implement a search function in Google Maps in a survey. I have very limited experience with web development, so I'm struggling a bit with this (I'm used to writing stand-alone programs, not scripts for webpages). Anyways, I found a LimeSurvey that has successfully implemented a search function and I was wondering if anyone might have any clues as to how to implement this.

The first question with Google Maps is somewhere around 7 questions in. The survey remembers your choice as the origin of you trip and shows it on a map later on. I'm currently going through the sources for the webpage trying to see if I get any ideas, but any help would be awesome. Thanks!

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