Plugin idea: Merge different question types

5 years 8 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #106265 by mfaber
TPartner is famous worldwide for his great js tricks which facilitate the combination of two or more questions of different types into one question. ;)
For example combining a matrix question and a multiple short text question in a way so you get a matrix question with a comment field on every row.
See eg.

I'd like to try to create a plugin that looks at the question (or help) text of questions in the survey. Whenever theres a tag similar to ##MERGE#QNUM1#QNUM2## the plugin creates the appropriate JS code to merge these two questions.

Before I invest too much time, I'd like to ask your opinion:

@Mazi: is this in principle possible with the plugin system (which hook can I use)?

@TPartner: I'd like to harvest the forum and build on your JS work, would that be ok for you? Of course, you'll be credited in the source code. Or maybe you're interested to contribute to the plugin directly and we'll make this a co-production. Could be cool!

Looking forward to hear your opinion on this!

Have a nice eve,
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