delay needed between add_partecipants and compiling the survey

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4 years 2 weeks ago #98601 by nicola_86
nicola_86 created the topic: delay needed between add_partecipants and compiling the survey
I'm trying to develope an application in which just after the adding of a partecipant and so that the release of a token, I try to access with the url generated from the information of idsurvey and token.
I've noticed that without a delay I got a message of error like that:

"Token mismatch The token you provided doesn't match the one in your session. Please wait to begin with a new session."

If I do refresh on the page it works. And if I try to do a delay in the application it works too. The problem is really a little delay to give? And if yes what is the minimum delay needed in a context with a lot of parellel request?
Thanks in advance.

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