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Private URL Public URL?? Need help :S

3 years 7 months ago #98165 by fabriciomatos

I'm finishing installing LimeSurvey. And i need to set this configuration:

I have 2 diferent IP's. One of them is public and the other one is private like this:

Private: (e.g)
Public: 84.134.x.y:z (e.g)

Well, I need the main admin page to be access by 192.168... (private) and the {SURVEYURL} and generally all of the surveys and even the main admin page should be accessed by 84.134.x.y:z

Private URL is used to login with the company local net.

I've tried to change baseUrl to 84.134.x... in config.php but when i try to access to main admin page there are no templates and that's displayed as raw text.

ANY IDEAS???? Thank you so much!

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3 years 7 months ago #98166 by fabriciomatos
Ok, it Works like before.

But my problem now is that I want to change SURVEYURL(JUST the IP) from TOKENS, but I watch that there is a function called getabsoluteurl called by getURL and i can't find the refference to $rootdir or $baseurl or whatever to build the complete path.

The original problem is that when I send an invite mail the URL that appears in the mail is the private IP (192.168.....) and i need the public IP!!!!


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