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Consuming RemoteControl 2 API using C#

3 years 7 months ago #97834 by madflow
I have got JSON_RPC service.
I had added the code from which provides the method to call rpc service.
A detailed approach is provided at (C_

But still no data is returned by the get_session_key service. Tried both the encrypted password and the the actual password. But no luck.
string[] strobj = { "Admin", "XYZ" };
string method = "get_session_key";
JObject joe = new JObject();
joe=InvokeMethod(method, strobj);

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3 years 7 months ago #97841 by mdekker
From what i read the content type is wrong. For the service to work it needs to be application/json instead of application/json-rpc

On is the code for the InvokeMethod, you should try to change that.

Good luck! If you happen to get it working, please be so kind to add some example code to our wiki at it might help others to get started.

Menno Dekker

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