what does "/sa" stand for??

3 years 11 months ago #94806 by FCuadra
Greetings everyone!
I'm working on a project that involves limesurvey, me and my team will be tinkering a bit with the source code, however, there's something I don't quite understand.

In every url generated by limesurvey, there is that /sa/ bit.


What does that /sa/ bit stand for?? what does it do?? Where in the source code can I find it?

This may be a pretty dumb question, but I'm fairly new to limesurvey and web development in general, so please be patient with me. Thanks beforehand.

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3 years 11 months ago #94999 by luayessa
You should be familiar with Yii framework to understand the Lime Survey URL structure.

I think "sa" means "Survey Administration".

You can find it in application/config/routes.php file. Again, check the Yii framework first.

You can think the "sa" as the parameter name, the next word is the parameter value.

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