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4 years 1 week ago #92411 by ssproo

I would like to display eight questions in a table layout, 2 rows and 4 columns, so I am trying to modify the default template to do it, but It is not working...
I thought many ways of doing this:
1) Create a table 2x4 directly in the question space >> but if I do that how could the answers be right?
2) Modify the table that already exists in default template >> but I am not familiar with the code, so I created a table in which all the cells from the same rows are repeated... :S
3) After step 2, I gess I would have to identify each question in the template, making it specific for my survey... however I do not know how to use the INSERTANS in code to do that... I do not want the id to apear in the survey, I just want to include each question in a cell of the table

Can someone help me, please?? =]

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3 years 11 months ago #92935 by KRav
I would wrap the question in floats with jquery and build an kind of table in that way.

Cheers Kai

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