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4 years 8 months ago #89670 by Mow
Mow created the topic: Load unfinished survey
I'm using Limesurvey 1.9.2

Everytime i try to load an unfinished survey, i got an SQL error :
Unknown column 'loadall' in 'field list':UPDATE lime_survey_67834 SET `lastpage`='-1', `loadall`='r', `scid`='9', `loadname`='M', `loadpass`='t' WHERE ID=46

Actually, in the lime_survey_67834 table, i don't see the loadall, scid, loadname and loadpass fields.

I think someone has modified the Limesurvey code directly, and i want to fix this problem. So can you please tell me, where in the php code, the table lime_survey_67834 ? So then i can fix this bug!

Thank you

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