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5 years 9 months ago #85677 by bdlemieux
bdlemieux created the topic: Personal inbox
In some of our surveys, a single person may be asked to respond many times to the same questionnaire but about a different subject. Using email tokens, a individual may receive many emails with links to these questionnaires. The problem: email overload! Even if these people want to cooperate fully in the survey, they often get mixed up in their emails and their different level of urgency (different close dates). Could a personal link portal be displayed for anyone who has more than 1 pending questionnaire to answer. The process would be as follows: If a person has only one pending invitation, clicking on the the email url link would lead him directly to that questionnaire (this is obviously how it is managed now), if a person has more than one pending open token, clicking on the url hyperlink in any of the emails would bring this person to a portal displaying the two or more pending invitation, thus having opened the invitation email for subject A, he may, as he in entering the portal, prefer to answer to the invitation for subect B (because its deadline is nearer or any other personal reason). The idea is to help those individuals who are solicited often and help them manage their "survey invitation" load.

This is a feature that is important to us in a specific project and we are considering custom development,if at all possible.

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