Possible to have two installations of LS with single database?

4 years 6 months ago #85558 by nwinter
I have been doing some hacking away at the code to try my hand at developing some new features. I've done this on a separate installation from my "main"installation. But I would like to be able to try out my new features with my surveys from the "main"installation. (Without having to export and import.)

So, my question is, will I create problems if I have two installations running, both using the same database (and same tables within the database)?

I realize I'd have to be super-careful to update the installation on both at the same time, but beyond that would I be OK?

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4 years 6 months ago #85560 by Ben_V
there is no problem at all and several installations may share the same db...
The only thing is to have the correct db connection data in each config.php files...
- If both installs are in different subdomains (LS1.yourdomain.net & LS2.yourdomain.net), config.php files may be 100% similar
- If installs are located into 2 folders of a same domain (yourdomain.net/LS1 & yourdomain.net/LS2) you have to adapt the $rooturl of your second install



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