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second ending page

4 years 4 months ago #85089 by OpToWin
Hello! :)

I want limesurvey to lead participants who answer specific questions "wrong" to a second ending page.

I tried this in hiding the following questions if the "wrong" answer has been ticked...
the problem is that limesurvey leads to the "normal" ending page.

I need a second one.

Can you help me? :)


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4 years 4 months ago #85093 by holch
There is no "second" end page. Either you reach the end, or you don't.

However, I think I know what you want to do: Screen-out people. There is also no specific "screen out" function in Limesurvey. However, you can do this with a zero quota.

So for the question you create a quota with the value of zero for the specific question.

For every quota you can define the text on the "end page".

Have a look at the manual! It is a really valuable source for information. Here some helpful links:
Manual (EN) | Question Types | Workarounds

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