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assesment outcome does not show on end page.

4 years 8 months ago #81662 by jaws40
I followed the instructions working with assesments
I put values in with the questions (yes the right type)
I filled the assesment topics (groups)
23 58246 Question group test (1) uitkomst {TOTAL} {PERCENTAGE}

Set assement use to YES in the menu.
and the end URL to NO
The manual says one would see a page at the end of the survey with the mentioned information.
Alas.. after a weekend of tinkering it still does not work.
At the end of the survey it goes directly to the end page with questions about printing? etc.
but no assessment info
Anybody any ideas ? The assesment methode would be ok for my project. Working with the code in the "equation manager" is a bit out of my league

thanx in advance

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4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #81665 by Ben_V

1) If you're using a custom template, try with a LS original one or check that the assesment.pstpl file of your template contains at minimum {assessment_HEADING} and {ASSESSMENTS} placeholders.

2) Compare total scores possible with the range of points indicated in your assessment rules, because if you score for example 30 points and the rules are defined for a range 0-20, you will get this kind of problem...


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