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mas_carpone wrote: Pulling this thread back up. Are those custom reports / pages and the use of R things that people are still interested in / discussing?

I am always interested in different approaches for creating custom reports. Do you have created something nice you can share?

I work with custom reports a lot so new approaches to create them would be interested.
For several projects I have used a custom coded website and made use of " Highcharts ", a very nice JS library. I created the whole report as a website to which users get redirected after having submitted their responses and I also added a "print report" button which allows to call the browsers print option.
Using special print CSS you can create a printing optimized version of the report. Most browsers also report direct PDF printing.

I also created a more complex Limesurvey reporting dashboard based on highcharts, see " 4. Interactive dashboard showing statistics and charts based on Limesurvey survey data " at the bottom of the page.

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Well noted! For now we have developed custom HTML reports so nothing of use to anybody unfortunatelly. Guess we'd like to envisage better solutions if available

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