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Expressenmanager to change Exit-URL depending on answer

4 years 11 months ago #76620 by bomellunder

To change the end URL depending on an answer in the survey, I used to use the GATE function and it worked fine until now:{GATE:result=(...d={SAVEDID}&sid={SID }

But it is not supported anymore. How would this look like using the Expression Manager?

If Answer 25653X2X66 was "yes" he was redirected to{...d={SAVEDID}&sid={SID }

if it was anything else he was directed to the other URL.

Thank you for your help!!

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4 years 11 months ago #76625 by TMSWhite
{GATE} is no longer supported because it has been replaced by Expression Manager.

You would to this instead:{if(INSERTANS:25653X2X66=='Yes','success','failed')}&hash={TOKEN}&id={SAVEID}&sid={SID}

I assume you're using a yes/no question. Let's say it is called "ok", here are two other ways of doing the same thing:{if(25653X2X66=='Y','success','failed')}&hash={TOKEN}&id={SAVEID}&sid={SID}{if(ok=='Y','success','failed')}&hash={TOKEN}&id={SAVEID}&sid={SID}

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