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error appears in the middle of the survey

5 years 5 months ago #65401 by poupee84

We are starting a new hiper-complex survey,
we have more than 200 token attributes, and more than 6 thousands tokens.

Each token has a different combination of attributes, and the survey has more than 3000 conditions , half of them based on this token attributes.
Survey is not anonymous.

We are having a problem when respondents try to access to the survey:then appears some error signs like the ones i attached you.

We've contact our hosting, and they said this:

Your case was brought to my attention by my colleague Stanislav. I have carefully investigated the problem and I found that the slow queries were generated by the LimeSurvey application which resides in the following folder:


As far as I can see from the application source code, such a query is executed when a backup is generated via the administrator area or a database from another LimeSurvey is imported via the admin panel. Most probably, the administrator of this application tried to import a database backup or generate a new one, and the script looped. That caused the same SQL query to be executed each time. Still, I will advise you to contact the developer of the application who will be able to provide you with more information about this query.

Also, we found that the average VPS load was higher than usual. This was due to large number of concurrent visits to your web site. There were more than 700 requests per minute. Now, the number of requests are lower and the load of the server decreased. However, I will recommend you to move some of your site under a separate machine since the current VPS cannot provide all of your sites with the resources needed in order for the web requests to be handled properly.

Please could you help us with this problem??

Thank you in advanced,

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