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Export the excel with heading and question codes ? (version 1.91+ Build 10746)

5 years 5 months ago #65063 by manuel01
Hello Ls Team,
Limesurvey is a great software!!
I am using the version of 1.87.
and I am going to upgrade to 1.91

Recently, I met a problem:

The exported results using "Export results to applications (excel)"
are different.

The version of Version 1.87+ Build 8472: The cells of Questions have both "Full headings" and "Question codes" by default.

The version of 1.91+ Build 10746: The cells of Questions can only has "Full headings" or "Abbreviated headings" or "Question codes"

I built many marcos on top of the exported results.

How can I export the result like the one of the version of 1.87 ?
Thank you!


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5 years 5 months ago #65088 by DenisChenu
I just test with Version 1.91+ Build 10859 and it's OK, you have the option.

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