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About LimeSurvey 2

5 years 7 months ago #62804 by orionankaa

I'm searching information about LimeSurvey 2. I found that is a rewrite of LimeSurvey.

In the source code I see that CodeIgniter is used. But when trying to use it with the archive from sourceforge I get some cakePHP error.

So I want to know which of this two framework will be used for LS 2.

Furthemore, I didn't found recent information about the evolution of this version. On sourceforge the last update is from 2009 and I can't find any documentation.

So if you can help me better understanting this new version, I'm very interested in it.

I'm so sorry for my bad english (I'm french...)

Thanks a lot !!

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5 years 7 months ago #62917 by jelo
The old LS2 was based on CakePHP.

The Article on the frontpage about Google Code of Summer might answer your question. I quote :

This year we're building on previous years' work in a number of ways. Importantly we will be porting the existing LimeSurvey 1 codebase into a modern MVC PHP framework called CodeIgniter. We'll be using the lessons learned (and large quantity of coding done) from our LimeSurvey 2 developments in previous years. We hope the outcome of our 2011 program will be a big step towards merging the LimeSurvey 1 codebase with the principles of LimeSurvey 2.

Since LS1.91+ is already theres LS 2.0 isn't far away in terms of numbers.
In terms of coding hours it might take a bit longer ;-)

Since I am not part of the developer team you might post the link to this thread into the Limesurvey chat. A developer might find time to answer.

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