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Authentication plugin

5 years 10 months ago #59246 by chinaski01

I am going to over-ride the authentication system by using server auth and setting the following in the config.php file:

$useWebserverAuth = true;

I will create limesurvey users using a privacy-friendly username. The server will provide an identifier in the PHP_AUTH_USER variable which I will use to look up the privacy-friendly username.

Basically, I need to do the following prior to limesurvey doing it's authentication stuff:

1) Take username provided by the webserver [PHP_AUTH_USER],
2) Do an LDAP lookup on this to get a username,
3) pass the uname found in 2) above along to the limesurvey to do it's db lookup.

Question: what's the best approach to injecting my custom code into the limesurvey authentication loop.

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