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Accessing php variables at runtime

5 years 11 months ago #58139 by pelle01
Dear everybody
I have implemented flash applications in a number of Text Display type questions. Now, these flashapps are supposed to deliver data to the database. For that reason I created a custom db table to store data from the flashapps. I transfer data from the flash to the database via a phpscript wich is called from the flashapp. It works fine. My problem is as follows; I would like to pick up the questioncode, i.e. the value of {SGQ} and the id of the user on the way to the database from my phpscript. I have tried to reach the $_session variables and for instance the $surveyid but they are not accessible. What code do I need to load in my phpscript to access the runtime variables that are out there? I would be very gratful for any hint. Thank you.

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