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Developer for new functions

6 years 2 weeks ago #56510 by granen

I need help to develop new functions for a customer.

1. I would like to split the graphics for how big part of the survey that has been answered to question groups. So you can see how big part of the question group that has been answered together with a link to the question group (can you link to a certain part of the survey). An alternative would be information if a question group is completely answered or not. If possible I would like this information in either the desription box or in the footer. So you can see all the time which groups that has been answered. Are there any possibilities to develop a solution like this or close to?

2. I would like to develop a function to add a summary before the respondent submits his/her questions.

Please PM me with costs for the development if it is possible.

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6 years 2 weeks ago #56565 by Mazi
These are some very tricky modifications. Some comments:

1. You can manually add that progress information at the group description like "group x of Y".

2. You cannot jump bac to a certain question though I think at the upcoming 1.91 version there will be a similar featrue implemented (only for surveys which do not use conditions).

3. To show how many questions of a question group have been answered you'll have to do a check at each page call. This check has to check each question so it becomes very complex, though I wouldn't say it's impossible.

4. To show a summary you can add a last boilerplate question and list all questions there. Then use SGQA placeholders to display the user's answers.

5. If you are interested in a quote please send a list off all requirements (as detailed as possible) to marcel.minke(at)

Best regards/Beste Grüße,
Dr. Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)
Need Help? We offer professional Limesurvey support
Contact: marcel.minke(at)'"

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