2 years 3 weeks ago #138269 by jelo
jelo created the topic: Dashboard
Currently Limesurvey isn't offering a simple dashboard for e.g. external users.
A web based dashboard where you can control what kind of data is exposed to third parties.
Steps to a dashboard:
Step One: Access data
Step Two: Calculation and reporting
Step Three: Generate webpage with interaction and user authentication / limits to data

How to access data:
Method 1: Direct access via database
Method 2: Indirect access via API
The preferred method seems to be to access the database directly. At least for web based dashboards which are running on the same webserver. PHP seems to be more used than server-based JavaScript. Not sure if some are using client based JavaScript with credentials embedded into the script.

Access via API seems to not widely be used in third party tools either:
SurveyPress (Wordpress wordpress.org/plugins/surveypress/ ) and Limesurvey_Sync (Drupal www.drupal.org/project/limesurvey_sync ) are also using direct database connections.
Normally you won't open access ports to allow direct database access, so the typical installation scenario seems to be Limesurvey and dashboard on the same server.

Is there any interest in a plugin or additional software? Any customized solutions done with Javascript, PHP or R?
Is there anyone already a reporting based on the API? E.g. via R in combination with R-Apache or Shiny. ( rapache.net
shiny.rstudio.com )

What kind of approach will let a external dashboard survive the next Limesurvey updates or upgrades?

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2 years 3 weeks ago #138313 by DenisChenu
DenisChenu replied the topic: Dashboard

I think this kind of thing can be done in plugin or in external CMS .

I send some screenshoit of an existing new plugin (not published actually, but publish surely in some week).

But : in general : each user want to show different think for each user : then there are no global solution ....

A real R integration can be a good idea too .


Assistance on LimeSurvey forum and LimeSurvey core development are on my free time.
I'm not a LimeSurvey GmbH member, professional service on demand (or search sondages pro).
An error happen ? Before make a new topic : remind the Debug mode .

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