Repeat survey, pre-fill fields with previous answers

4 years 10 months ago #111091 by vanislman
I want to create a fishing survey, where the user first enters 3-4 generic fields like name, email etc.
After that he needs to answer about 10 questions grouped in 2 survey groups. The user needs to answer these 10 questions for each fish caught, which could be anywhere between 1 and 10 times.

I'm hesitant to use the approach where I would define all these 10 questions multiple times and optionally displaying them, as suggested by "loop" workarounds.

Instead I like to have a link or button after the last question asking the user "Click here to report another fish". This would then launch the same survey again - but for convenience the name, email and other questions have already been filled out. Ideally I would even skip the first question group and use the same answers the user already filled out.

Any idea if and how this is possible with Limesurvey?

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4 years 9 months ago #111124 by tpartner
1) See "Prefilling survey answers using the survey URL" -

2) You can use Expression Manager to customize the link, appending email, etc. -


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