array header style for dual-scale and flexible-row-array

3 years 1 week ago #106495 by Alex222
Hi there,

i have array questions (it seems to be flexible row array) and dual scale array questions in my survey. While the header of the dual scale arrays is grey, the header of the simple arrays is just white.

before i changed something unrelated in the template.css (i tried changing the table-layout in table.question) the headers of the simple array questions turned white. Even when I used the template.css I had saved before they stayed white.

So my question is, how do I change the background color of the header in simple array questions? I spent quite some time trying different solutions and googling for solutions, so any adviec is greatly apreciated :-)


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3 years 6 days ago #106569 by first
Can you please give me survey link and question number? I will try.

Survey Designer and Programmer

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