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Responses to conditioned questions not being saved

3 years 2 weeks ago #104700 by kateporcheret

I have created and activated a survey, but the responses to some of my conditioned questions are not being saved, and although these questions are set as mandatory it is possible to proceed without answering. I am using Version 2.05+ Build 140109. Details below:

1. I have a series of questions that are conditioned to a positive response on one sub question on an array (Do you have bad dreams - never, rarely, sometimes, often) if rarely, sometimes or often, a second question appears - how many nightmares have you had in the past week?, which has a number only response. if more than 0 is indicated then two more questions are conditioned to appear. This conditioning works - the questions appear as and when they are supposed to - however the responses to the final two questions (i.e. conditioned to the number of nightmares) are not saved, and although set to mandatory it is possible to proceed without responding.

2. similar situation - the first question asks a number of sub questions - if one or more yes response is given two more questions appear. this conditioning is set using an equation that sums the responses to the first question with yes given a value of 1 and no a value of 0. Again conditioning works, but answers not saved, nor mandatory even though set as such.

If anyone has any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to fix it I would greatly appreciate it!


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3 years 2 weeks ago #104799 by tpartner
Sounds like a bug.

Please file a bug report and...
  1. Give as much information as possible.
  2. Provide step-by-step instructions how to reproduce the problem.
  3. Provide screenshots and/or a sample survey.
  4. Post the link to the bug here so we can follow the progress.


Tony Partner

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3 years 1 week ago #105061 by kateporcheret
Thanks for the advice. I've filed a bug report, ID 08721

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