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I have problems setting up randomisation at the start of the experiment.
I've created a questions group G1, with one question called randnumber (ID:43).
The question is of type equation (hidden one) and looks the following: {if(randnumber >= 0, randnumber, rand(1,2))}

The next question group has two questions, des1 and des2 and around half of the respondents should have the des1 and the others des2. I put a following question logic to these questions (in the tool): when the previous question randnumber has a constant number of 1, then des1. And respectively constant 2 for des2.

However the program reports that the randnumber is undefined variable and the relevance equations for des1 and des2 look like this: ((61257X5X43.NAOK == "1"))

I don't know if the random number is created in the first place? And are the conditions then working correctly?

Thanks for your help!
(I'm using version 1.92+ Build 120919)
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3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 1 month ago #103838 by tpartner
There may have been a bug with the conditions editor. I would remove everything from the conditions editor and use relevance equations instead.

So, the relevance for "des1" would be:
randnumber == "1"

And for "des1":
randnumber == "2"

Here's a small working survey:

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Tony Partner

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