Specific validation/conditions for the "multiple short text" question

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #101838 by sanjayrdesai
I am running the Limesurvey 2.00+ version with the latest updates.

I want to design a question which would look something like this:

" Please provide the following information about yourself:

Surname (if any):
Email Address:
Re-confirm Email Address: "

I would like all of these to come on one page. I am attempting this using the multiple short text question type but fail to understand how to do the following:
1. Restrict the mobile sub-question answer only with three conditions: (a) Only numbers (b) Only 10 Characters (c) A validation expression. If the three conditions are satisfied only then will the respondent be permitted to proceed. ; AND
2. Validate the Email Address sub-question answer only with the expression: /^(\w[-._+\w]*\w@\w[-._\w]*\w\.\w3)$/
3. The Re-confirm Email Address sub-question is to validate the earlier entered answer and therefore also must apply the same expression. Only if the two match then will the respondent be permitted to proceed.

Finally, I would also like the Question Validation Tip that would have to be entered.
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