How do I dumb down the public stats ?

4 years 6 months ago #100224 by Paul33
Paul33 created the topic: How do I dumb down the public stats ?
I am new to Limesurvey but I'm learning fast on the survey design front ..... but the public stats are getting the better of me !!!

Allowing users to see the stats after submitting their answers is critical to what I am building (surveys are only 4/5 questions long) so I need the "view stats" option on the exit page.

What users currently see is a mind blowing, intensely detailed analysis of every answer and sub-answer, along with a bunch of graphs that look a mess and are virtually unviewable !

What I would like is a very simple summary analysis of each question, showing results in summary data (total and/or percentage) along with a nice clean bar graph in support. I don't need detailed breakdowns (various highs/lows/deviations) for each answer.

All of my questions are either ratings (1-10) of numerous sub-questions or simple radio box "pick one" multiple choice questions.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.

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