LS bocking on mandatory question

5 years 3 months ago #99437 by bebs
bebs created the topic: LS bocking on mandatory question

My LimeSurvey survey keeps asking for answers to mandatory questions even after I provide them. Bug usually appears in foreign language (less often in -base lang- english) and only when using Firefox.

Questions are "standard" (Y/N, List), some simple condition to hide a sub-question, nothing fancy that could break at first sight, and I don't think I did things differently than ususal.

The exact error message I get is
"One or more mandatory questions have not been answered. You cannot proceed until these have been completed."

and it is often followed by
"Please use the LimeSurvey navigation buttons or index. It appears you attempted to use the browser back button to re-submit a page."

The bug is not always showing (but usually is after next-back, or changing the language), and seems to only shows in Firefox (not chrome) any idea where I could look?

(I'm fine using JS debugger if this check is done on client side, but just don't know what function makes the conditions check to put a break on.)

link to working survey and export at

Any idea is welcome!

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