importing participants with empty obligatory records into CPDatabase

4 years 10 months ago #99008 by atavei
atavei created the topic: importing participants with empty obligatory records into CPDatabase
LS is not importing (CSV) participants with empty obligatory fields into the Central participants database. Yet, when I link survey participants in my survey token table containing empty obligatory fields to the CPDB (via the tiny mini-icon at the bottom) they are accepted without trouble. I wonder if this is a "design" issue or only a "maturity" issue since it will take some time for the full functionality of the CPDB to mature in future updates. By the way, I cannot link more than 1000 records at a time (v. 130802) to the CPDB (using MySql), even when I list 5000 participants at a time and select them all. (Is this a MySQL limitation o perhaps a configuration issue?) Also, there does not seem to be a functionality to link at once all participants in a survey token table to the CPDB. One has to select the records to link.

I think that, at least, it is important to be able to import empty fields to CPDB. Sometimes we have the email of a participant but not necessarily his/her first-last name or any other attribute. For emailing a survey, all we really need is an email address. There are many ways to be friendly to a potential participant besides knowing his/her first last name. Actually, sometimes it is better not to now that type of information. I am aware that checking for duplicates may be affected when obligatory fields are empty, yet the functionality to import empty obligatory fields should be there by design. Email should probably be the only obligatory field that may not be empty for importing data.

Thanks many times, for all the great work you are doing. Hope you can address some of these issues.

Samuel Figueroa
University of Puerto Rico at Cayey

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