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how use method get_question_properties (remote control)

3 years 6 months ago #98707 by mattias01
get_question_properties try to use the method, but it throws an error, and step parameters to use?

define( 'LS_BASEURL', '');  // adjust this one to your actual LimeSurvey URL
define( 'LS_USER', 'admin');
define( 'LS_PASSWORD', 'admin');
// la encuesta a procesar
$survey_id	= 1111;
$ws = new jsonRPCClient(LS_BASEURL.'/admin/remotecontrol');
// recibir session key
$sessionKey = $ws->get_session_key(LS_USER, LS_PASSWORD);
$groups = $ws->list_participants($sessionKey, $survey_id);
$list_questions = $ws->list_questions($sessionKey, $survey_id);
$get_question_properties = $ws->get_question_properties($sessionKey, $survey_id, );

the error occurred, of var_dump

array(1) { ["status"]=> string(25) "Error: Invalid questionid" }


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3 years 6 months ago #98712 by mdekker

According to that (I did not check) you should also pass the question ID and an array of properties you would like to get returned. When you don't pass a question id I think it assumes a null value that would be invalid.

Menno Dekker

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