how to have multiple uses of single token emit confirmation mail after each use?

3 years 8 months ago #98083 by bebs

I'd like to get a confirmation mail sent to my respondant each time (s)he fills in a questionnaire, as it contains a nice summary of the provided answers.

Unfortunately when I allow many uses of the same token, the respondant only gets the confirmation mail after consuming all its token uses, and not after each answer set submission.

My scenario is to use the same questionnaire before, during and after a course, and I want to compare the 3 sets of answers for all participants, therefore I put token use count to 3.

Any idea how to have a confirmation email sent after each survey submission when token count is more than 1?


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3 years 8 months ago #98112 by DenisChenu

Maybe you can use "basic admin notification" ; set {TOKEN:EMAIL} to Send basic admin notification email to: input in survey setting.

You can put a feature request too.


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