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Keeping language choice after re-login with token persistence

3 years 7 months ago #97684 by bdlemieux

I have a bilingual survey (French and English) in which i tweaked to template to remove the language switch (a requirement) so it does not appear on every page after login. The language preference of the respondent is set in an introductory page using a language choice question. This works well for a respondent who does not log off the survey during completion. If the respondent logs off before completing the survey and logs back in using is token, the language resets to French (which is the base language) even if English was initially chosen. The only (tedious) way to correct this is to back track to the initial language selection question and switch again.

My question is: is there a was to make the language choice "stick" on the initial page of my questionnaire? I also import a list of respondent and even though there is no language preference set, French always comes up as the default in the token list.

Thanks in advance for any help or workaround on this topic,


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3 years 7 months ago #97685 by DenisChenu

Think it take the token language. Then we have to update the token language (in an external javascript function).

But actually, the last language set are to be used in every situation. Not sure really a bug but more a feature request : please put a feature request in our tracler.


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