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4 years 9 months ago #96708 by xsiyez
xsiyez created the topic: Questionnaire design

We are designing the questionnaire(with Limesurvey 2 latest build as of today) but the challenge we are facing is the one which has already been reported by other users on the limitation of the number of columns in MySQL. We have finished designing the questionnaire but we cannot activate it as we are getting the error "cannot create survey table" as the questionnaire is very big in terms on the number of columns.

We thought of splitting the questionnaire into several questionnaires. We would like to find out the following:

1. Experienced Limesurvey users there, is this approach of splitting the questionnaire fine?

2. We would want users to click a link on the last question of the first questionnaire so that they are directed to the next questionnaire but have the information captured in these questionnaires linked somehow. Any advice on how I could achieve this?

3. Is there another way we could redesign the questionnaire instead of splitting it into several questionnaires?

Thanks in advance,

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