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Centering slider answers

4 years 5 days ago - 4 years 5 days ago #92743 by j_heiner

I have a few sliders in my survey which I would like to center horizontically. Is there any way to do this in the template?
I have tried "text-align: center" or "horizontal-align: center" at all slider parts I could find in the css-template. No luck.

Can someone please help?

Thanks, J Heiner
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4 years 4 days ago #92748 by DenisChenu
With citronade template:
.numeric-multi li label{display:none}
.numeric-multi li {text-align:center}

And to be more precise for question:
#questionXXX li label{display:none}
#questionXXX li {text-align:center}

With XXX the question num.


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