Counting array answers

5 years 3 months ago #92700 by nuin
nuin created the topic: Counting array answers

We have a question where we have an array matrix with 15 subquestions and 12 options (one for each month of the year). We want to have the user to enter an X for at least one month in each one of the subquestions. I tried adding a count validation rule to the whole question, but it does not seem to be working as in our tests you cal leave a whole row empty and the answer is accepted (from a test version of our question)

count(spaq_12_12A_12Jan, spaq_12_12A_12Feb) >= 1 &&
count(spaq_12_12B_12Jan, spaq_12_12B_12Feb) >= 1 &&
count(spaq_12_12C_12Jan, spaq_12_12C_12Feb) >= 1 &&
count(spaq_12_12D_12Jan, spaq_12_12D_12Feb) >= 1

where spaq_12 is the question name 12A, etc is the subquestion ID and 12Jan, etc is the column ID.

Any help appreciated

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