Using quotas: Teminate survey message vs terminate with warning message?

4 years 1 month ago #92176 by sD960
I'm using a quota set at 0 for a "no" response to a yes/no question. It basically works, but I'd like to terminate with a warning message rather than simply terminate.

For setting up the quota, Limesurvey provides 2 text boxes (a bigger one followed by a smaller one), both labeled "Quota message". There is no indication that one box is for a termination message and one for a warning. The instructions in the manual only mention 1 box, but of course do mention the warning/nowarning option. I've entered a "thanks, further participation is not needed"-type message in the first box, and this shows up (appropriately)when the survey-taker responds "no". If I set the quota to terminate WITHOUT a warning, the "thanks" message appears and the survey ends. If I set the quota to terminate WITH a warning, the "thanks" message appears, but the survey-taker has the option of going back and changing the answer. Fine, but I'd like a warning message (e.g., "if you enter no, the survey will end")

How do I get a warning message? I've tried entering a warning message in the second text box, but it doesn't shows up in the (activated) survey. Experimenting with quotas is a minor nuisance, and it means activating, de-activating, re-activating ad infinitum, since quotas only work when the survey is active--and besides, I can't think of what else to try.

I'm using version 2.00.


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