Farsi/Persian: right-to-left variations

5 years 4 months ago #91837 by kuri
kuri created the topic: Farsi/Persian: right-to-left variations
Hello everyone,

I am currently setting up a survey in Farsi/Persian. I don't speak or read it, but fortunately I have someone who can. I understand that this language is read from right to left and the survey is displayed from right to left as well, which is great. But I've encountered multiple variations of this right-to-left display (currently, the text is not yet translated and is presented in Englisch):
Once it was displayed with the full stops on the right side, the forward button pointing to the left and the sliders were readable from right to left (that's how I want it to be). Now it's displayed like in a word document with right-aligned text and my sliders and forward buttons are arranged like in an Englisch survey, readable from left to right.

I created the survey yesterday, and there version 2 was displayed. When I logged in today, it had switched to version 1. After I changed the template (it was the default template before, now it is a customized template that is derived from the default template), it switched back from version 1 to version 2. I changed the template back to default, but now it stays at version 2.

Does anyone have an idea on why this switching happened and how I can get back to version 1?

Best regards,

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